Freedom Works’ Levey on Garland Fight: ‘The Soul of the Supreme Court Is on the Line’

‘The soul of the Supreme Court is on the line here’

JANSING: "Expect the fight over Merrick Garland's confirmation to reach far beyond Capitol Hill. 'The New York Times' put it this way, quote, 'more than 100 protest rallies are being scheduled in key electoral states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa; television advertisements are being scripted; Twitter and Facebook are rolling out, and email blasts are filling up inboxes.' It's a battle that will drive groups on both sides of the aisle. So we wanted to hear from groups who will be taking part in this battle. Joining me now, Curt Levy, executive director of the conservative Freedom Works Foundation. Good to see you, Curt. Good afternoon."
LEVEY: "Thanks for having me on."
JANSING: "You said this fight is going to be bigger than Robert Bork in '87 and Clarence Thomas in 1991, why?"
LEVEY: "Because the soul of the Supreme Court is on the line here. There's four center right justices, four liberal juts and if president Obama succeeds in appointing a fifth liberal justice, the court will be --"
JANSING: "Let me just interrupt you ---"

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