Page: Graham Decided He Would Rather Be Poisoned than Shot When He Backed Cruz

‘Lindsey Graham finally decided he would rather to be poisoned’

DIAZ-BALART: "Susan, a lot of talk going off about this Stop Trump movement. Why isn't it the automatic reaction to back the number two guy in the race, i.e.Ted Cruz?"
PAGE: "Well, for some Republicans, the choice between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump is not a good one. Ted Cruz famously has very poor relations here in Washington with his colleagues and with many in the Republican elite. That's one reason. But, you know, a lot of them don't see John Kasich as a great alternative either. So they're down to this kind of choice of, as Lindsey Graham said before he decided to back Cruz between being poisoned and being shot. I think Lindsey Graham finally decided he would rather be poisoned I guess, and support Ted Cruz's nomination. Hard choice."

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