Page on Laura Bush’s Trump Answer: ‘For a Non-Answer, It Was a Pretty Clear Answer’

‘It was a pretty clear statement of principles on her part’

DIAZ-BALART: "Susan, you got some 2016 talk from former First Lady Laura Bush. Let's play a little bit of that for us this morning.: 
[clip starts]
PAGE: "You're a Republican."
BUSH: "That's right."
PAGE: "If Donald Trump is the nominee, the Republican nominee, are you going to vote for him?"
BUSH: "Susan, i'm not going to answer. (Laughter) Don't ask that."
PAGE: "In your book, it's clear you don't think Islam hates America, that you don't think all Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. Is there a point where you would feel compelled to come off the sidelines to speak against proposals like that?"
BUSH: "This is what I want Americans to remember, what our real values are. One of very first things, one of the reasons we're a country is because we believe in freedom of religion."
[clip ends]
DIAZ-BALART: "Susan, what a fabulous interview, and you could tell that she was like, no. Susan is not going there right now. Susan, please, let's talk about something else. Then there you are. And, you know, what did you get out of that? It's pretty clear that she wasn't like, well, whoever the nominee is, we'll support them?"
PAGE: "I thought for a non-answer, it was a pretty clear answer, you know? (Laughter) And I thought it was interesting that while President George W. Bush and Laura Bush have tried really hard to stay out of politics since leaving the White House, except for supporting Jeb Bush. But the fact that she came back and said let's remember what our fundamental values are. She went on to say, we have gone through phases in our history before where xenophobia has ruled the day. We have to be careful not to let that happen. So in that way I thought for a woman determined to stay out of the reaction, it was a pretty clear statement of principles on her part."

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