Sanders on Trump: ‘I Think It Is Totally Right for People to Protest’

‘Donald Trump is a pathological liar’

MADDOW: "Senator, I  know your time is limited. I just have one last question for you and it’s because you raised the issue of Donald Trump. Obviously Mr. Trump has had an issue with violence at his events. He has blamed you. He recently blamed your supporters for showing up to his events and mounting protests that are disruptive. What advice — obviously I don’t blame you. But what advice would you have for your supporters or for protesters who show up for any reason to Trump events, whether they’re to protest on your behalf or someone else’s?"
SANDERS: "Well, first of all, Rachel, you may know at least in my view, Donald Trump is a pathological liar. There’s very little that he says that one can at face value believe to be correct. We have never, not once, urged any supporter of ours to disrupt a meeting. I think that’s kind of counterproductive. Having a respective demonstration—a protest—is I think absolutely right. You have a guy here in Trump who has insulted Muslims, insulted Mexicans, insulted women, insulted the African-American community, insulted veterans, you know, and I think it is totally right for people to protest. Disrupting rallies is not my style. I would urge people not to do that."

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