Bill Press: If Trump Wins Enough Delegates, ‘He Deserves the Nomination’

‘He deserves the nomination and these people trying to stop him, they missed the chance’


COSTELLO: “Yes, it is. So, Bill, it appears Mr. Trump is a little bit worried because he is urging his supporters in Georgia to become delegates to the Republican convention. I mean, there is like very detailed instructions there on how to do that. Do you think his followers will do that? And will it matter?
PRESS: “Well first of all, I got to say I believe that — I’m not Donald Trump fan — but if he wins enough delegates or very, very close to enough delegates and gets to the convention, he deserves the nomination and these people trying to stop him, they missed their — they missed the chance. You know, they should of realized his threat early on — they didn’t. They underestimated him. They assumed he would flame out and he didn’t. I think it would be a huge mistake and basically insure the election of a Democrat if they try to wrestle the nomination from Donald Trump at the convention. But Donald Trump is do — he is taking this seriously. You know, he doesn’t have a huge, big campaign operation. So they realize that if there is going to be more than one ballot, if there is going to be what we call an open or brokered convention, that’s — that’s going to require a tremendous amount of organization to identify every single delegate and to make sure that those delegates commit ahead of time that they will remain in the Trump camp, no matter what happens. That’s what they are starting to do. To tell you the truth, Carol, they probably should have started during this — the Trump campaign and a lot earlier as well.”

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