Schumer Defends Blocking Bush SCOTUS Nominees: ‘The Key Word Is Confirm’

‘No one is saying the Republicans shouldn’t vote no if they don’t like him’

TAPPER: "Do you wish President Obama had picked somebody who might excite democratic voters more?"
SCHUMER: "No, I’m very happy with this choice. I think democratic voters are excited. They think he’s a mainstream justice, there’s no question about it, a judge above all. But I think what people are qualified and such a judge above all, not very political, is the seeing is that someone who is so kind who will get Republicans to crack. Today we saw five or six Republicans who in the past had said they wouldn’t even sit down With such a qualified man with the American people overwhelmingly of the view that and see judge Garland will now sit down and see him. That’s just the beginning. there ought to be a hearing and a vote, if people vote no after that so be it, I think that it’s been a very, very strong day for this choice. I would say there are going to be many more Republicans who will not do what senator Mcdonnell did, who think it’s the wrong thing to do and who will sit down with judge Garland."
TAPPER: "So, Senator Schumer, in 2007 this is what you had to say about a possible vacancy for President Bush’s supreme court. Take a listen."
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SCHUMER: "Given the track record of this president and the experience of aub fusscation at hearings, with respect to the supreme court at least, I will except in extraordinary circumstances. we should not confirm any bush nominee to the supreme court recommend to my colleagues that..."
[clip ends]
SCHUMER: "The key word there, Jake, is confirm. No one is saying the Republicans shouldn’t vote no if they don’t like him, but they should hear him. I don’t know of a Democrat who recommended not sitting down and talking to the judge, not having a hearing. We’ve all voted no in the past. I have, Mcconnell has, many have. That is not the issue. The issue is that the constitution says the Congress shall advise and consent and these hearings are sort of magical things. When the American people see who the judge is and in this case I’m pretty confident they’ll be overwhelming saying confirm him. Let’s not forget the last four justices, two nominated by a Republican president, two by a Kem contract president, have delegate count. The math will be very difficult for senator Sanders. Do you think it’s time for him gotten on the bench."

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