Clinton Spox on How She’d Beat Trump: Point out His Opposition to Min. Wage, Immigration

‘On issue after issue I think Hillary Clinton is where the country is’

MITCHELL: "She was already going after Donald Trump in her victory speech last night, talking about we need a commander in chief who defends the country, doesn't embarrass the country. Clearly targeting trump. You're pivoting to Donald Trump. He is already pivoting to you. I don't know if you've seen this Instagram he put up, but let's watch."
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MITCHELL: "So, from Donald Trump, we don't need a punch line. When we saw her do that in Reno, I knew it would be in an ad. I didn't know it would come up this quickly. Brian, your reaction to it?"
FALLON: "Look, Donald Trump continues to divide Americans against each other for the sake of winning votes. It's a divide and conquer strategy. That won't play well in a general election with independent voters. We still have a primary contest to win. The math is strongly in our favor, as I just said. We still have to complete our plan and actually clinch the nomination so we know that we still have some work to do sewing up the nomination. That said, every poll suggests that Donald Trump would enter a general election in a very weak position. What he is selling may work to coalesce 40% of a Republican primary electorate, but I think it's a major turnoff to general election voters, where as in contrast, Hillary Clinton showed last night she has the capability to unify voters, bring people together from all different backgrounds and ages and I think that as I said, we have a winning coalition that will serve her well, not just in this nomination contest but also in a potential general election matchup against Donald Trump or anyone else."
MITCHELL: "But none of his opponents have been able to penetrate that armor. Criticism seems to bounce off of him and only energize his supporters. How do you go after him?" 
FALLON: "Well, Andrea, look, like I said, we're still focussed on a primary campaign against senator Sanders. But I would just in answering your question point out that Republicans have for too long let Donald Trump get away with his strategy of trying to pit Americans against each other. They very rarely seldom called him out until maybe the last two or three weeks. When they did, as senator Rubio did, they tried to win a battle of slinging mud back and forth with Mr. Trump, engaging in a battle of personal insults. I think that that's exactly the thing that turns off Americans about Mr. Trump. So, by contrast, what Republicans have refrained from doing is engaging him on the issues and calling out his horrendous stands on the issues that are most concerned to Americans, the reason that Republicans couldn't do that is because his positions on the issues were very similar to his own. With Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup the contrast will be clear on issues of who supports a minimum wage increase, who supports pay equity for women, who supports defending the president's executive actions on immigration and on issue after issue I think Hillary Clinton is where the country is."

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