McConnell on Ignoring Garland: ‘It’s About the Principle, Not the Person’

‘Senator Biden said the cost of the nation would be too great, no matter who the president nominates’

"Senator Biden said the cost of the nation would be too great, no matter who the president nominates. President Obama and his allies may try to pretend this agreement is about a person, but as I just noted his own vice president made it clear it's not. Ed Biden rule reminds us that it remains about a principle and not a person. About a principle and not a person. It seems clear that president Obama made this nomination not -- not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed, but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. , Which is the type of thing then chairman Biden was concerned about, the exact thing chairman Biden was concerned about. The Biden rule underlines what the president has done with this nomination would be unfair to any nominee, and more importantly, the rule warns of the great cost the president's action could carry for our nation. Americans are certain to hear a lot of rhetoric from the other side in the coming days, but here are the facts they should keep in mind. The current democratic leader said the Senate is not a rubber stamp, and he noted that the constitution does not require the Senate to give presidential nominees a vote. That's the current democratic leader. The incoming leader did not even wait until the final year of George W. Bush's term to essentially tell the Senate to not, he said not, to consider any supreme court nominee the president sent. The Biden rule supports what the Senate is doing today, underlining what we're talking about is a principle and not a person."

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