Scarborough: ‘A Very Bad Night for Ted Cruz’

‘Last night the rich got richer, the poor got poorer’

SCARBOROUGH: "Obviously Marco Rubio out of the race but something we’re not used to saying, a very bad night for Ted Cruz. We’ve always talked about Ted Cruz overperforming. Last night, wow, a bad night from beginning to end."
HALPERIN: "They wanted to come away with victories and more delegates than they got by targeted congressional districts. He doesn’t have the clean 101 fight he wanted and he doesn’t have much of an argument to say here’s a clean path. His campaign put out a memo saying “Here’s our path to the nomination, we’re the ones that are going to beat Donald Trump” but it’s a tough road for him and John Kasich not just to make the argument that can beat Donald Trump but to stop the number of delegates to stop Donald Trump."
SCARBOROUGH: "Last night the rich got richer, the poor got poorer. Trump and Clinton had massive nights."
GEIST: "And both showing strength in different states. We thought there were a couple states Bernie Sanders might be able to pick off, he didn’t get any of them. We thought Ted Cruz would win Missouri, looks like he didn’t win that, either. It’s an amazing place we’re in where Ted Cruz has become the establishment candidate. The guy who’s loathed in Washington, who was supposed to be the outsider in the this race got out-outsidered by Donald Trump."

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