James Carville Defends Obama Laying Blame on Fox News for His Scandals

Carville claims the Bush administration complained about media bias too

Kelly Slams Obama for Complaining About Media Coverage: Bush Took ‘His Licks Like a Man’ (Washington Free Beacon)

Fox News host Megyn Kelly engaged in a lively debate with Democratic consultant James Carville about President Obama’s complaints about Fox News Tuesday on The Kelly File.

Kelly asked Carville why President Obama felt compelled to criticize Fox on national television, something President George W. Bush never did with MSNBC.

Carville alleged the Bush administration often complained about media coverage, however did not say whether or not he recalled Bush ever directly criticizing MSNBC the way Obama did with Fox. The former Clinton campaign advisor then went after host Megyn Kelly and her network for “getting sensitive” about Obama’s remarks to Bill O’Reilly.

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