Ken Blackwell: Trump ‘Has Been an Existential Threat to Conservatives’

‘He is an existential threat to what has made America great, that is small government’

BLACKWELL: "Let me respond to the governor. I am a conservative and Republican, and I am in this to protect the integrity of the conservative party. At the end of the day, Donald Trump has basically been an existential threat to conservatives. So this is what this nomination process is all about, shining some light. I think that this guy is for universal health care. He's is in fact not an embraces of private property rights and as such, I think he is an existential threat to what has made America great, and that is the small government, it is a fee market system that actually works without cronyism. He's  a developer, he is a dealmaker, he is a crony inside a baseball player, political player and as a consequence, I think that the question is are we ready to redefine the conservative movement, to redefine the Republican Party and lose what I consider to be the essence of what has made this country great."

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