Dowd: Today Is the Ides of March and Establishment Candidate Will Be Julius Caesar

‘Somebody is going to be Julius Caesar tonight, and it’s likely to be the establishment candidate’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Let’s talk about this now with our political team Jon Karl, Matthew Dowd. And, Jon, let me begin with you and the Democrats. I think the Clinton campaign bracing for another night like last Tuesday where they got beat in Michigan. It’s close now in Ohio, in Missouri, in Illinois. Could set up this kind of situation where she wins more delegates but also has real weaknesses revealed.”
KARL: “That’s right. I mean, that was a complete shock in Michigan, one of the biggest upsets we have seen. Bernie Sanders is in a much stronger position now in Ohio and Missouri in Illinois than he was going into Michigan so he could easily come out of today actually winning more states but, again, not necessarily winning more delegates because Hillary Clinton is poised to win very big in Florida and North Carolina.”
STEPHANOPOULOS: “And, Matt, on the Republican side you saw Donald Trump. They’ll say he’ll talk to me about a contested convention tomorrow. Will we be talking about that tomorrow?”
DOWD: “Well, today being March 15th and I recall Shakespeare and Julius Caesar said beware the Ides of March.”
STEPHANOPOULOS: “Right.” (Laughter)
DOWD: “And today is the Ides of March. Somebody is going to be Julius Caesar tonight, and it’s likely to be the establishment candidate. If Donald Trump sweeps there is not going to be a contested convention. I think if Donald Trump loses one of the big ones and it looks like it’s to be Ohio, the contested convention is coming our way and we’ll have an unbelievable time, the Republicans are going to have unbelievable time, and us and the media in Ohio in Cleveland when that comes, but I think tonight what’s going to happen, is the last bastion of the establishment is probably going to lose and that’s what is amazing about the race.”
STEPHANOPOULOS: “[indecipherable] incredible race. We’ll see what happens tonight, and I’ll be here with out team tonight for live updates as the election results come in.”

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