Trump: I Have the GOP’s Support; They’re Already Calling Me

‘The biggest people in the party are calling’

GUTHRIE: “Mr. Trump, if you are able to win in Ohio, win in Florida, have a big night tonight, and it looks like you’re on track to get those 1,237 delegates, do you expect Republican leaders, the Republican Party, to then fall in line behind you as the presumptive nominee?”
TRUMP: “I do. I mean, they’re already calling. I have the biggest people in the party, if there is such a thing because I’m not sure whether to use the word establishment, and what it means. Mitt Romney, ran, by the way, the worst race perhaps in the history of presidential politics. And —“
GUTHRIE: “Who is calling?”
TRUMP: “— now he is out campaigning. He’s out now campaigning for Kasich. I think people are extremely — I think people are not digging Mitt Romney too much. That’s for sure. They’ll send him the signal. The biggest people in the party are calling. They want to sit down. They want to make things right. Paul Ryan for example. I have a lot of respect for him. He called last week. A lot of people are calling because they see what’s happening. Look, Savannah, we brought millions of people, millions — it’s the biggest story in politics worldwide. We brought millions of people in, and they’re voting in the primaries. We’re up 70 percent. The Democrats are down 35 percent. There’s no enthusiasm for Hillary, especially. I mean, there’s just no enthusiasm.”
LAUER: “Let me jump in here.”
TRUMP: “So, we brought millions of people and those people are going to give us a tremendous victory in November.”

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