Chuck Todd: If Trump Wins Ohio, ‘They Can’t Stop Him’

‘If he loses just one of them, they can stop him’


GUTHRIE: “...turn to Chuck Todd, NBC’s political director, moderator of ‘Meet the Press.’ He is here with the look at what’s at stake. Let’s do the Republicans before we turn to the Democrats. We’ve seen where the delegates stand right now. Lay it out for us tonight —“
GUTHRIE: “— the various scenarios.”
TODD: “Well look, here is the most likely scenario, if you — basically, this is the if the polls are right. So Trump would win 3 of the 5, Florida, Illinois and North Carolina. Cruz with Missouri win. Kasich with Ohio. And Marco Rubio with only Northern Mariana. So this is where we could stand. Where Trump has a lead in the delegates but can’t get to 1,237. Because under this scenario, what happens is, let me — and I’ll go through it, you would assume he wins 50 percent of the delegates for the remaining states. He comes up, at best — this is the rosiest scenario we can come up with, if he loses Ohio — about 50 short. And so, that’s why Ohio is so important. He gets Ohio, they can’t stop him. But if he loses just one of them, then I think they stop him. And just being 50 short, I think, is a problem right now for him.”

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