CNN’s Zeleny: Clinton ‘Clearly’ Worried About the Dem Primary in Illinois

‘She clearly is a little bit worried about her home state of Illinois here and their primary tomorrow’

BOLDUAN: "Again, the crowd going wild for Jeff Zeleny in Chicago. What do you know?"
ZELENY: "Last night you could hardly keep track of all the attacks on Donald Trump. It's clear the candidates are trying to show their strength to their fellow democratic voters by showing who would be tougher to take an Donald Trump. They've been really devoting the lion's share of their stump speeches -- I was at a rally last night in Ohio. Off the bat Bernie Sanders wasn't talking about himself or Hillary Clinton. He was talking about Donald Trump. So, of course, it is something that they're trying to do to show that there is strength going forward. This is the final 24 hour stretch here. Look at the campaign schedules of these Democrats. Hillary Clinton spending considerable amount of time here in Chicago. She'll be at a rally behind me in a little bit, and she'll also be doing some unscheduled stops across Chicago. She clearly is a little bit worried about her home state of Illinois here in their primary tomorrow."


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