Rubio Supporter Thom Tillis: Trump ‘More Entertainment’ than Policy

‘Marco is the only one in the race now who has a legislative record that is consistent with where we want to take the nation’

BARTIROMO: “And let’s talk about it right now with North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis, who is a Marco Rubio supporter ahead of the North Carolina primary on Tuesday. Sir good to see you, Thanks so much for joining us.”
TILLIS: “Good morning, Maria.”
BARTIROMO: “So, Marco Rubio had a victory and picked up certainly the most delegates on Saturday night. That was a big positive. But is that going to be enough to actually move the needle on his chances?”
TILLIS: “Well I think Tuesday is a very important race here in North Carolina. We have a proportional primary but his focus on Florida is critically important, and I think that if Macro is able to do well in Florida and Trump is unable to win Ohio then it will continue to provide an opportunity for Marco to get the nomination.”
BARTIROMO: “Yeah. Let’s talk about the proportional primary in North Carolina. I want to get to Florida in a moment. What do you think voters want to see and your constituents in North Carolina want to see in their next president?”
TILLIS: “Well, I think they want to see somebody who has demonstrated an ability to get things done. It’s great to talk about the what. Everybody knows what we need to do. Marco is the only one in the race right now who has a legislative track record that I think is consistent with where we want to take nation. He’s done a great job since he’s been in the Senate. He did a great job as a state leader down in the state legislature and a speaker. And I think the more we’re able to focus on his ability to get things done, not just talk about what needs to be done — we know that, but get it done is very important. That’s why I liked the debate the other night because I think Marco did a good job of getting his message out.”
BARTIROMO: “Yeah, I think so too. But, why do you think he hasn’t resonated more so and isn’t higher in the leaderboard today.”
TILLIS: “Well, I think a lot of it just has to do with the way this debate’s played out and Mr. Trump has kind of set the stage and it was all more entertainment than it was policy focused discussion and dialogue. I think if we have a good showing this week and we continue this trend of having substantive debates, no name calling, no circus acts but real discussion about the issues, that’s where Marco shines. And I think that if we get out of Florida with a good result that we get proportional delegates here in North Carolina, I’m working hard for Marco in North Carolina, encouraging people to vote for him. Ohio [has] denied a Trump win and it’s a completely different environment come Wednesday next week.”

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