Cruz Supporter: If Trump Had Called Me a Child Molester, ‘I’d Be Punching Him’ Not Endorsing Him

‘If you look on Ben Carson’s Facebook page ... 80 percent of Ben Carson supporters are saying things like you’ve broken my heart, you’re selling out’

PHILLIPS: "Good morning. Well, first of all, having to endure a 45-minute Donald Trump infomercial while I was doing that, I took a look on social media. and if you look on Ben Carson's Facebook page, for example, the majority, I would say at least 80% of Ben Carson supporters are saying things like you have broken my heart. You're selling out, and we just don't agree with you on this. I don't know how much of an impact Ben Carson really has. Because let's face it, Ben Carson had his surge and then he got out of the race, not because he was at 20%, but because his popularity had plunged down to almost nothing, and his fund-raising dried up."
KORNACKI: "You know, we see, though, there were, and this was an aspect of the press conference that both of them talked about. There were some harsh words that had been exchanged, particularly from Donald trump toward Ben Carson during this campaign. Now they talked about burying the hatchet, Ben Carson talked about seeing another side of Donald trump, a side that maybe the rest of us don't see when we just watch him on stage, watch him at these press conferences. you have Ben Carson endorsing him. You had Chris Christie, somebody else who Donald Trump had the some choice words for during his campaign, also coming out for him. does this say something, especially with Ben Carson talking about seeing this other side of Donald Trump. Is there a side of Donald Trump, maybe, we don't see publicly who is going to be able to bring over these opponents of his as they get out of the race?"
PHILLIPS: "I have no idea because I have never seen this side of Donald Trump. I have met with Ted Cruz and seen the other side of Ted Cruz, who, actually, there is no other side of to Ted Cruz. He's the same guy in public that i have met with in private. but I'll say this. If Donald Trump said the things about me that he said about Ben Carson, I wouldn't be endorsing him. I would be punching him."

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