Cruz: Donald Has No Real Solutions for International Trade

‘The world is a little more complicated’

KELLY: “Joining me now, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, great to see you, senator. And congrats on your endorsement today —“
CRUZ: “Megyn, great to be with you.”
KELLY: “— by Senator Mike Lee and also radio host Mark Levin. I want to ask you —“
CRUZ: “Thank you very much.”
KELLY: “— about — whether you think that exchange helped you? Because, how we’re getting bilked by countries like China, has been an issue that’s worked very well for your competitor Donald Trump.”
CRUZ: “Well, look it’s a very real issue. People are unhappy because we’re getting killed in international trade. But the problem is Donald has no solutions for it. He doesn’t know how to fix the problem. You know, every problem he has he just says we’ll make things great. We’ll make them great. Well, you know, the world is a little more complicated than that. So, his solution to international trade is a 45 percent tariff, which is a tax on you — when you go shopping, you know, if you’re at home now, and I don’t think most Americans want to see the cost of diapers go up 45 percent or the cost of clothing go up 45 percent or the cost of automobiles go up 45 percent. And what I laid out there is another way to fix this. And that is the tax plan I’ve laid out, my tax plan — a simple flat tax, 10 percent for everybody. We abolish the IRS but it also has all exports tax free and we tax imports but we don’t end up raising prizes. We don’t end up causing a trade war and a tariff war, and Donald has no response to that. Because, he hasn’t been able to layout real solutions to these problems. I think that’s why we’re seeing so much support on the ground. We’ve got to fix the problems —“
KELLY: “Yeah.”
CRUZ: “— and that’s what I’ve been working to do.”

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