Todd: GOP Candidates Will ‘Regret’ They Didn’t Go After Trump Last Night

‘They have no sense of how to go after Trump and they’ve never had the right feel’

HEILEMANN: “...really struck by the fact they’re incapable of modulation. It’s like they — in the Detroit debate it was — you know they turned it all the way to 11 and acted like 11-year-old —“
TODD: “Right.”
HEILEMANN: “— in addition, I get 11 of the volume and 11-year-old maturity. And then today, today they’re at one, last night they’re at one where that’s all — they’re on Quaaludes. You know, where’s the five? (Laughter) Where’s the six where they’re attacking Trump in a focused mature way rather than like a bunch of little kids or not attacking him at all? I just don’t get that they don’t have anything but those two extremes.”
TODD: “Right, no, I don’t get it it. And I get — look, it’s clear. Maybe Trump’s in all of their heads. I think that’s clear. I mean, it is — they just don’t know how to do it. I think they’re befuddled. They’ve — and you can see it. There are at times — look, on the one hand, I think Marco Rubio is back being comfortable being who he is again. I think he was, you know, he himself said — and you can see he’s back to be comfortable in his own skin. But, you know, it just — they have no sense of how to go after Trump and they’ve never had the right feel. And I think they’re going to find out Tuesday night that there’s never been a right feel for it and they’ll look back and regret this moment I think.”
HEILEMANN: “All right. Chuck Todd, thank you, as always your wisdom and wit are appreciated. Hallie Jackson, thanks to you as well.”

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