Mike Lee Endorses Cruz: ‘It’s Time … to Unite Behind Ted Cruz’

‘He will speak the truth, just as he has in the United States Senate’

"He promised that he would stand up for them. He promised he would stand up to a growing overbearing federal that taxes us too much. That knows no bounds. He promised he would fight against ObamaCare. He promised he would resist efforts to undermine our second amendment rights. He promised he would oppose any efforts to undermine celebrity. Ted has kept those promises and every other promise he has made to the people of Texas. It's with that trust that he has earned. That he's going to move forward and unite our party. You see, too many people throughout this country have been told over and over again by the political establishment in Washington, D.C. That our best days are behind us. That we have to settle for the status quo. Which we have to settle for more of the same, business as usual in Washington. Ted doesn't believe you have to settle. Ted doesn't believe you should settle. There was a big difference between confusion and confidence and Ted is that difference. There is a big difference between platitudes and a plan. Ted is that difference. There is a big difference between slogans and substance. And Ted is that difference. So it's time for us to recognize we don't have to settle anymore. Don't settle. Don't settle for slogans that can fit on a bumper sticker. Expect substance. Don't settle for a federal government that is overbearing at home and projects weakness abroad. Expect a federal government that will protect you and respect your rights. It's time, my fellow Americans, to respect more. It's time to expect freedom. It's time to elect Ted Cruz as the next president of the united States. You know, when we look at this presidential election cycle, one of the many things that comes to mind is the fact that with the recent death of the late justice Anthony Scalia, a lot of people wonder who will fill that vacancy. That's one of the great things about Ted Cruz is that Americans can proceed with great confidence that Ted Cruz will pick an absolutely outstanding person to fill Scalia's position on the supreme court. They can also stand with great confidence. This is a man who believes in his own family. Who has stood with his own family. I have enjoyed getting to know Ted and his wife and their daughters. I've seen Ted stand with them and for them. I've seen him stand with and for his father. And for and with his mother. And you know he will stand for you. He will stand for every mother and father and son and daughter in America. He will do what he said. He will speak the truth, just as he has in the United States Senate. And so today I call on all within the sound of my voice to join me in this cause. To look forward to the first 100 days of a Ted Cruz presidency. A reform that will restore the greatness of our economic mobility society. We've seen in recent years our economic mobility society's been in danger. We see the poor and the middle class being held back. We see economic opportunity in America fading as there are more and more back room deals that serve only to enrich and further empower those incumbents who are already enriched and already empowered. Ted Cruz will work to undo that and to restore the greatness of the American people. To put the power back where it belongs, which is with the people. It's time, my fellow Americans, and, in particular today, my fellow Republicans, to unite behind one candidate. That candidate is Ted Cruz."

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