Halperin: ‘Donald Trump Has a Chance to End His Nomination Fight on Tuesday’

‘Donald Trump has a chance to end his nomination fight on Tuesday’

SCARBOROUGH: "And that message, following up on this stunning Michigan defeat, last night on “With all due respect” you asked a Clinton surrogate why did they lose Michigan. How could they have blown a 21-point lead. The response was pretty stunning which was there was no response. They don’t know how they blew a 21-point lead. What happened?"
HALPERIN: "Bernie Sanders drove a strong message there. He had more television advertising on than she did and she did not drive, as she never has, a strong explanation of how she would do better for jobs and trade is more of a huge issue of Michigan than any other state. I agree with what Mika just read from the “Journal” but not about the calendar, not about the math. Bernie Sanders has to survive this coming Tuesday when five big states vote that he’s not particularly strong in. After that there are — almost everything on the calendar are states where he has a chance if he’s got momentum to win. States with caucuses, states with primaries where the economic message could resonate. The biggest story I think in both races combined now is given Sanders’ fund-raising, given the calendar, the Democrat race is almost certainly going to go for weeks and maybe months and Donald Trump has a chance to end his nomination fight on Tuesday."
SCARBOROUGH: "And that is, Jonathan Capehart that be the greatest of ironies? In less than a week Donald Trump could have for all practical purposes the Republican nomination nailed down but this democratic battle is going to be going for a very long time because Bernie Sanders has money and right now at least after Michigan and with the calendar ahead he could have big Mo, even if the math, as the Clinton campaign correctly points out, doesn’t add up in his favor."

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