Van Jones: Clinton Camp ‘Had Every Clinton Ever Born in Mich. and Still Got Beat’

‘They had every Clinton ever and they still got beat; a stunner’

SCIUTTO: "How surprised was the Sanders campaign by last night’s results?"
JONES: "It was a shocker to everyone. Obviously they had senator Sanders like sneaking out of town. They didn’t even wait for the results to roll them out. Had he lost, the entire rationale for his candidacy would have completely collapsed. It would have proven this knock on him that he could not grow among black voters and his trade message does not work in the north. Turns out he did grow among black voters, his message does resonate and he found an issue, a sleeper issue around the home foreclosure crisis up there that also helped him to break through. A stunner for the Clintons, who, by the way, had every Clinton ever born in Michigan. They had Chelsea, they had Bill, they had Hillary, they had socks, they had buddy, they had every Clinton ever and they still got beat. A stunner."

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