Kasich on Rising Numbers: ‘People Are Finally Starting to Hear Me’

‘I think what’s happening is people are finally starting to hear me, Joe’


SCARBOROUGH: “You know, John, just for transparency sake a lot of people try to guess what we — who we like, who we support, whatever. I’ve said it before but I might as well say it at the beginning of this interview, I’m a Kasich guy, I’m on team Kasich. You are the reason I got into politics, and so, everybody knows that. Now I can ask you questions, I’ll try to be tougher on you than I would be with other people. But I get to serve with first question. How are things looking right now? You think you have a shot in Michigan and Ohio?”
KASICH: “Well, Joe, we’re growing here, you know, you can feel the momentum here in Michigan, thank goodness. And you know, the intensity of the supporters, of the people that are for me is really pretty remarkable, you would be amazed if you saw it. I think we’re going to do well here — I can’t predict it, and I’m not going to. The pollsters they don’t know, either, that’s why God created astrologers to make them look accurate. And you know, then we go to Ohio, where I’m going to win. And we’re going — and look, I’m also rising in Illinois. So, I think what’s happening is people are finally starting to hear me, Joe. That’s what I think is happening. And I think up until now not so much. Not so much in terms of knowing even who I was.”

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