Barnicle: Voters Thinking About Sanders or Trump Is Because the Others Are ‘Meaningless’

‘The reason they’re thinking Sanders or Trump is because all of the others are just asterisks to them’

BRUNI: "Voters are saying thanks but no thanks. So yeah, an endorsement is not all it’s cracked up to be this cycle."
SCARBOROUGH: "Mike Barnicle, you actually had candidates that got endorsements from I think it was the past three states finished in third place. You really — this is an anti-establishment year, and whether it’s, you know, a governor — governor endorsing you or members of Congress, or anything that smacks of the establishment, it seems to actually blow up in the candidate’s face."
BARNICLE: "Well, step outside. Look at the process and when it began. The cover of “Time” magazine. Rand Paul. He’s now working at a post office someplace in Kentucky. (Laughter) He disappeared months ago. You step outside and you ask anybody you bump into, what do you think about the election, the presidential election? They say, I’m trying to figure out Sanders or trump. You say what? The reason they’re thinking Sanders or trump is because all of the others are just asterisks to them. They’re meaningless."

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