Townhall Man to Sanders: ‘You’re Much More Honest than Hillary’

‘I’ll speak for the American public you’re much more honest than Hillary’

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BAIER: "Senator, George Jackson is self-employed." 
JACKSON: "I'll speak for the American public you're much more honest than Hillary. My question to you is, you talk about the rich, and by taxing the rich to help our economy. Wouldn't that hurt those rich business owners that help create jobs? 
SANDERS: "Good question, I disagree with you in this sense. We have to put into context, What's happened in the last 30 years, there has been a massive transfer of wealth from the working class and the middle class, we have seen a doubling of wealth owned by the top 1/10 of 1%. You talk about corporations and job creation. All of the major corporations in the country. You know what they've been doing in the last 30 years? You think they've been creating jobs in America? No, they've been creating jobs in China and Mexico. I've helped lead the opposition against every one of these terrible trade programs. Nafta and permanent Normal trade relations with China. I don't believe American workers should be forced to compete against desperate people around the world who are making pennies an hour. If elected president, I'm going to change those trade policies, corporations are going to invest in America not in China. I do not believe in trickle down economics. I do believe if you give tax breaks to the rich and large corporations, suddenly it's going to come down and help working families. What I do believe in, we have to put more money into the hands of working families. How do you do that? You raise the minimum wage to a living wage. I was in Flint Michigan last night, our infrastructure, it's not just Flint, where kids are drinking poisoned water. It's all over this country our roads and bridges and airports. Why is it that the healthiest country in the history of the world, we're suffering. I don't think it's appropriate that you have major corporations making billions of dollars a year, stashing their profits in the cayman islands and bermuda. You know what they end up paying in a given year? They don't pay a nickel in taxes. I think we should create 15 million jobs over the next ten years --"

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