Mark McKinnon: ‘Cruz Is Back on Track and Trump Has Shown a Dent in the Armor’

‘The physics have really changed over the last couple of weeks’

GEIST: "Mark Mckinnon, pull back for us on this race now that we’re through this Saturday. We no the results, Ted Cruz had a good night, Marco Rubio struggled, trump underperformed a bit but has the most delegates. Where is this thing headed? Most of us at this table agree it will be tough for trump to get a majority of the delegates heading into Cleveland. How do you see this playing out."
MCKINNON: "The physics have really changed over the last couple of weeks. Remember a couple weeks ago after Nevada Ted Cruz had a tough night, Marco Rubio was on the ascendancy. Trump was teflon and nothing was hurting him but in the last week or so, Cruz is back on track, trump has shown a dent in the armor. In fact, if those elections had not had early voting Cruz might have won all four so we are in a situation where the narrative has changed in a significant way so the notion of an open convention — look at the delegate count, Ted Cruz is within — less than 100 delegates away from Donald Trump so there’s still a lot of factors to work out."
GEIST: "Do you think Rubio has a reasonable case to make to still be in this case?
MCKINNON: "He’ll be tested with what I will call the Al Gore state rule, which should be in the constitution. If you can’t win your home state, it’s tough to make Anning — an argument you should be president."

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