Limbaugh: GOP Establishment Doesn’t Like Cruz But They Dislike Trump More

‘They’re not conservative, they’re being run by their donors’

WALLACE: "Okay. Let’s talk about that because there is a lot of commentary, and some of it coming from conservatives who say that the Republican party is in it danger of tearing itself apart. We’ve seen splits many times before over political philosophy, but that’s not what’s happening this time. This is the establishment, the elite of the party versus the grassroots phase."
LIMBAUGH: "Exactly. It really isn’t anything new. They were this way with Ronald Reagan before Reagan was elected. They tried to deny Reagan in ‘76 and they tried to deny Reagan in 1980. They’re not conservative. You and I hear governor Romney in his speech last week talk about how the Republican Party must stand for legitimate conservative values. They don’t. That’s why they’re in the problem — having the problem they’re having. They’re not conservative. They’re being run by their donors. You look at these primaries so far, do you realize they don’t like Cruz either, Ted — Chris. In fact, maybe they just like Cruz more than Trump. But Cruz and Trump are the only guys that have won anything. The establishment candidates in this race cannot get noticed. The Republican primary voters, whether they’re close primaries or open, are voting for anybody but candidates attached to the Republican establishment."

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