Trump: Cruz ‘Should Do Well in Maine, Because It’s Very Close to Canada’

‘We came in second, and we really didn’t spend very much time’

DONALD TRUMP: "It’s been really an amazing night. And I’ll tell you what, I’ve been in competitions all of my life. There is nothing so exciting as this stuff. Nothing. Winning deals or winning club championships or whatever you want to say, there is nothing like this. It’s really exciting stuff and very important. Above all else, it’s very, very important. So, I want to thank the people of Louisiana and the people of Kentucky. It’s been just an amazing relationship. Amazing relationship. And Rand Paul, he’s senator in Kentucky, fought very, very hard today and the last several weeks, fighting us every inch of the way. And we won and won by quite a few votes, so I’m very happy about it. So, thank you to Louisiana and thank you to Kentucky. I want to really thank the folks from Maine and from Kansas. We came in second, and we really didn’t spend very much time. We spent two hours in one place and two and a half hours in another, and we came in with a strong second. So, I want to thank those folks. And I want to congratulate Ted on Maine and on Kansas. And he should do well in Maine, because it’s very close to Canada, let’s face it. I mean — [ laughter ]"

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