Mark Shields: Sanders Has Moved Hillary on Trade, Keystone

‘He’s moved her on trade, I mean, or at least helped her to move, put it that way’

WOODRUFF: "All right, Mark, in less than a minute, just quickly to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, do you — Bernie Sanders is not getting out of the race. Does he — is he a factor at this point?"
SHIELDS: "Yes, he’s a factor. I mean, he’s moved — you heard Hillary Clinton today in the excerpt on…"
WOODRUFF: "On trade."
SHIELDS: "On trade. He’s moved her on trade, I mean, or at least helped her to move, put it that way. On the pipeline, the Canadian pipeline, he’s moved her on that. You know, we had today news, Judy, of job increases and wages actually going down. So we now have the top one-tenth of 1 percent, to qualify for that distinct group, you have had to have your wages increased 500 percent since Ronald Reagan was president. And yet the median household income today is lower than it was 18 years ago. It’s just exactly what David was talking about. And Bernie Sanders turned out more people in Colorado, where he won 60 to 40, than had ever turned out before. There is encouragement for him to keep going."
WOODRUFF: "Well, on that note, gentlemen, a lot to chew over. Mark Shields, David Brooks, thank you both."

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