Christie on Trump: ‘When I Disagree with Him, I Tell Him’

‘Of those remaining four people I believe he would be the best president and the best candidate to beat Hillary Clinton’

REPORTER: "Governor, during the campaign you did a great Donald Trump impression."
CHRISTIE: "I still do a really good one, yeah."
REPORTER: "And you ridiculed him on a number of things from the wall, et cetera. Now you say that you are endorsing him because he's the best bet to beat Hillary Clinton." 
CHRISTIE: "He's the best remaining candidate on the stage."
REPORTER: "Is that the only reason you are endorsing him?"
CHRISTIE: "David, I didn't just say he was the best bet to win. That's one of the factors. I also said he's the best remaining candidate on the stage. But when you are mischaracterizing what I said, I'm not going to allow you to put that into the question. You want to ask another question, ask another question."
REPORTER: "It's the same question."
CHRISTIE: 'Go ahead."
REPORTER: "And now, is that factor -- how does that relate to the rest of the problems that you have with him policy-wise?" 
CHRISTIE: "Any time you run against someone, you are going to have disagreements with them and they are going to be amplified because you're trying to amplify them in a race. George Bush 41 said that Ronald Reagan's economic plan was voodoo economics. Yet he became one of the most loyal people to Ronald Reagan, became his vice president and ran on the Reagan legacy when he was elected president in 1988. Every time you run against someone, and I said this and you also know from having been in some of the things I said in new Hampshire and Iowa, was -- I have said it here in new Jersey -- if you are looking for the candidate you agree with 100% of the time go home and look in the mirror. You're it. You're the only person you agree with 100% of the time. I know who I wanted to be president of the United States. You're looking at him. It didn't work out. So then you have to look at the folks who remaining, senator Rubio, senator Cruz, governor Kasich, and Donald Trump. Of those remaining four people I believe he would be the best president and the best candidate to beat Hillary Clinton. That's my opinion. And it doesn't mean that I'm going to agree with him on everything and when I disagree with him, I tell him. When we have been together over the last couple of days, I tell him my opinions on things. He wants to say something, I tell him if I agree with it or disagree with it. If I disagree with it I try to convince him otherwise. That's what a good friend and endorser does. But in the end, these decisions are his decisions. Because he's the principal. The same way that everybody gave me all kinds of advice as a governor and candidate for president and I take in that advice and ultimately I get to decide what I want to say and what I want to do. So you can go back and look at anyone who has wound up being a supporter of someone they ran against and you can get video and audio and newspaper clippings of them vehemently disagreeing with the person they are endorsing. Elections are a choice. They're a choice. The choices that remain, those four people I believe Donald Trump will be the best president and I believe he would be the best candidate to become president against Hillary Clinton."

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