Jennifer Granholm: Do We Really Want Trump’s Fingers on the Nuclear Codes?

Do we really want somebody without presidential temperament to have this, somebody who is going to fight for himself and somebody who has, believe me, volumes of opposition research that’s been generated about him’


COSTELLO: “With me, the senior advisor with the correct the record.”
GRANHOLM: “He is just so — just such rich language.” 
COSTELLO: “I know. Very colorful. The question is is he right?” 
GRANHOLM: “Well, if you just even look at super Tuesday, Donald Trump got 3.3 million votes and Hillary Clinton got 4.1 million votes. It’s not how many people show up at your rallies. It’s how many people show up in the polling booth. And she is going to work every single day to make sure every one of her voters that come from a very broad coalition are showing up on election day.”
COSTELLO: “But still, even during the primaries and caucuses, more Republicans showed up to participate than Democrats. Democrats are worried saying Democrats aren’t really excited about the election this time around.”
GRANHOLM: “Yeah. There is no doubt that the party that holds the White House historically has had lower turnout in the primaries. But it is not an indicator of who will turn out in the general election. It is historically true that the more candidates you have, the greater the turnout will be. But ultimately, if their nominee is Donald Trump, and who knows what’s going to happen between now and their convention, but if their nominee is Donald Trump, you can believe that a lot of the turnout on the Republican side might have been an anti-Donald Trump turnout as well. That is an opportunity for Hillary Clinton.”
COSTELLO: “OK. So Trump, although, trump is attracting working class white male voters in a way that Hillary Clinton is not, and she needs some of the voters to support her if she’s to win the presidency. Why is she not attracting that particular block of voters?” 
GRANHOLM: “She’s certainly going to work on attracting every vote she can, but particularly those left behind in this economy. And the kicker is, Carol, that Donald Trump is saying, yeah, I’m for you. I’m for the little guy. I’m telling it like it is, but every day we are seeing new and more and more information about how he’s not there for the little guy, that he’s actually in it for Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone. Do we really want this guy who lodges insults the minute anybody attacks him with his fingers on the nuclear codes? What if there’s an enemy outside of the U.S. That insults him? Do we really want somebody without presidential temperament to have this, somebody who is going to fight for himself and somebody who has, believe me, volumes of opposition research that’s been generated about him? It’s about time the Republicans start showing those voters who have signed up for him that they are really having the wool pulled over their eyes. He is not about them.”
COSTELLO: “Here’s the other thing. Donald Trump himself has already said I have my arsenal ready to go at Hillary Clinton. We’ve gotten a few hints about which way he’s going to go. He’s going to talk about her e-mail controversy and say the FBI is investigating her and attack Hillary Clinton about his sex sandal, and attack Hillary Clinton for diszing some of the women accusing Bill Clinton for sexual misbehavior.”
GRANHOLM: “For her, she’s not going to get into the mud with the pig. She is going to tell people how she’s going to fight for them, and believe me, there is enough information. Democrats are not going to sit back to wait to punch Donald Trump in the nose the minute he becomes the nominee. They’ll punch and punch hard, and there’s lots of material to demonstrate he’s on the people’s side and Donald Trump is not. This will be an interesting election, a colorful election, probably, if it is Donald Trump that is the nominee.”
COSTELLO: “Yes, it will be colorful, indeed. Jennifer, always a pleasure. Thanks so much.”

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