Joy Reid: ‘Old South’ Hears Trump’s Dog-Whistles; ‘He Encourages’ Attacks Against Blacks

‘I watch those Trump rallies and I see the 1968 George Wallace rallies’

MADDOW: "Is this par for the course, and we’re just not used to looking at it this closely?"
REID: "It’s par for the course, but the course is 1968. I watch those Trump rallies and I see the 1968 George Wallace rallies. That was the year Hubert Humphrey was going to be the nominee — you had Richard Nixon. It seems like he taught Richard Nixon and the Republican Party how to win across the South, the same flamboyance, the same communicating to the working class white voters; the Schlitz Malt Liquor voter. Saying: “I understand your greivances.” But they also are quite menacing to black and Jewish protesters, and so the interetsing thing right now is that Trump has reinvigorated the George Wallace style... The innovation that David Duke is credited with in white nationalism is marrying “Klanism” — anti-black, with Nazism and dressing it all up in a suit and tie and taking off the hood and marrying anti-Jewish Nazism with anti-black racism. Now with a Jewish man running for the Democratic nomination, and with a woman running very prominently, and with Donald Trump winking and nodding at this sort of hatred. Really is it a throwback... Donald Trump, he may not be as brilliant as he thinks he is, but he is not stupid... He’s now competing in Louisiana, you mentioned David Duke got nearly 60% of the white vote [in Lousiana in the 1990s], you know Barack Obama got 14% of the white vote in 2008. The only worse [states for Obama] were Mississippi and Alabama... He’s competing for what he knows it is, if you look at that map of the old slave states... that was the Democratic Party’s Old South that converted to Republicanism and is now turned off by that Party. Whether he is doing it deliberately or not, he is whistling at them and they are hearing it."

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