Noah on Rubio: He’s Just the Right Kind of Hispanic to Broaden GOP Appeal

‘And then antibiotic-resistant bacteria beat him in 10 states’

NOAH: "But I'll tell you what was a surprise last night was the poor showing by Senator Marco Rubio. Yes. The King of Sweat. Going into Super Tuesday, he was supposed to be the candidate who could still beat Trump, you know. He was widely endorsed. He was well funded. And he was just the right amount of Hispanic. Yeah, you know, just enough to broaden the appeal of the party but not so Hispanic that he turns off the conservatives. Let's be honest for a second. If Marco Rubio was, like, "Eh, man, let's defeat ISIS and create jobs for the 21st century, man." If he was that Hispanic, that (bleep) wouldn't fly. So everything, everything was in place. And then antibiotic-resistant bacteria beat him in 10 states. But in true politician style, he plastered a smile on his face and acted unfazed."

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