State Dept.: Aware of Reports that Syrian Regime Used Chemical Weapons Post-Ceasefire

‘The OPCW [Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons] Fact Finding Mission will investigate all credible allegations of CW [chemical weapons] use in Syria’

LEE: "Are you aware of the reports that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons in various attacks post cease fire, post cessation of hostilities?"
TONER: "Um--"
LEE: "And if you are aware, what do you make of it?"
TONER: "We are aware of the reports. We obviously can't confirm them at this time. In our policy, you know, we strongly condemn any use of chemical weapons. The OPCW fact finding mission will investigate all credible allegations of CW use in Syria and if they determine that that specific incident has taken place, it will be refereed to the joint task, the investigative mechanism that's been established under the U.N. Security Council Resolution 22/35 for further investigation. We don't--we can't confirm anything at this point."

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