Geist: ‘Trump Looked Like a President’ Holding a ‘News Conference in the East Room’

‘Trump, very impressive last night’


BRZEZINSKI: “Anything is possible. And Mark Halperin is here.”
SCARBOROUGH: “She’s already trashed soccer, said it’s a stupid sport. She said anything is possible —“ [crosstalk]
WALLACE: “I’m not saying that you —“
BRZEZINSKI: “You were amazing last night.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So, anyway, Willie Geist, you look at the headline here. And you know, we’re going to be showing a clip in a just little bit about how we predicted this way ahead of everybody else. But you look at this headline, ‘Trump and Clinton feast as 12 states vote.’ And as we said two years ago, this race was going to come down to Manhattan versus Westchester County, and that’s exactly what’s happened. Do you go with Chappaqua or Manhattan?”
GEIST: “It’s amazing. You’ve got two basically —“
SCARBOROUGH: “Two New Yorkers.”
GEIST: “— New York moderates we’ll call them, —“    
GEIST: “— who are going to be the nominees for their parties. Trump, very impressive last night. Cruz, a little more impressive maybe than even we thought, winning three states.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Oh, yeah.”
GEIST: “I thought it was interesting to watch all of the speeches. Donald Trump looked like a president who was holding a news conference in the East Room. He had all the staging. He turned —“ [crosstalk]

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