Cillizza: ‘Donald Trump Will Run as Donald Trump, Whatever that Means’

‘This is effectively Donald Trump’s nomination to lose’

SCARBOROUGH: "Chris Cillizza, I’m just stunned by Donald Trump’s asymmetrical attacks, how effective they have been, especially in the case of the Clintons where Hillary Clinton before Christmas said that Donald Trump had been sexist towards women. Donald Trump put out a tweet and an Instagram and as the “New York Times” reported, about three or four weeks later bill Clinton’s approval rating dropped during that time period from 51% to 39%. That was one tweet. That was one Instagram. This looks like this is going to be a political — trying to figure out — nuclear war? I was trying to figure out a better way to say it. This is going go nuclear."
CILLIZZA: "Willie is right. I’ve talked to lots of Democrats privately over the last couple days as it’s become clear, I think, to more and more people that this is effectively Donald Trump’s nomination to lose and they say we would much rather have Ted Cruz than Donald Trump. You say, why? Because to Willie’s point, Ted Cruz is going to run as a traditional conservative outsider Republican. We have no idea really — I mean, Donald Trump will run as Donald Trump, whatever that means, right? It’s like the definition of asymmetric warfare. He will do and say things that no other candidate will do or say. He will bring people from the past, maybe as you point out, Joe, on to stage, put them in ads, do the sorts of things that the Clintons are not used to, that no politician is used to. Now, I’m not sure that means he wins, but I can tell you, you would much rather fight a — I hate to say the known knowns versus the known unknowns but Donald Trump is the biggest radical variable in any political equation about anyone will tell you up until bill Clinton you don’t want to run against that."
SCARBOROUGH: "You don’t. I’ve always quoted William F. Buckley who said “Never debate an amateur, the amateur always wins.” It’s amazing what you just said because I said it last night to mark Halperin while we were watching the returns. I said you watch, they don’t want this. Because he will bring women from the past up on stage with him. He will make it a horrific war of attrition for the Clintons."

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