Costa: Trump’s Presser Showed He ‘Wants the Nomination, Thinks He Can’ Win

‘This is a Trump who sees the nomination insight, wants the nomination, thinks he can be president’

GEIST: "And there are some of those women who’ve shown a willingness to participate and become more active on Twitter and spoken out against Bill Clinton so it could be an ugly general fight.
SCARBOROUGH: "Bob Costa, there was a tweet last night “Make no mistake, Democrats would much rather run against Ted Cruz than Donald Trump because Ted Cruz is a known commodity. You know what state he is wins, you know what states he doesn’t win. You can go back and look at history and predict it out. Donald Trump? Nobody knows are what will happen from Michigan to Ohio to Pennsylvania to a lot of those industrial swing states that sometimes swing elections."
COSTA: "And last night was an important moment for trump. I rewatched that press conference this morning. Instead of a rally, taking questions from reporters, bringing out a governor to introduce him, a sign to the Republican establishment he can work with them, a measured tone in many respects, turning his eye towards the general election, not really towards his rivals. This is a Trump who sees the nomination insight, wants the nomination, thinks he can be president."

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