Rep. Scott Rigell: A Donald Trump Presidency ‘Would Put America at Risk’

‘I reject Trump and I’m encouraging other Republicans to do the same today’

MITCHELL: "Congressman, what inspired you to write that letter?"
RIGELL: "I’m so deeply troubled where we are headed as a party, Donald Trump is not a Republican. I’m convinced of this, I think the views that these espoused. The ones that appear to be conservative, I think there are more recent, he’s embraced it more recently, fundamentally, he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. That’s critical to me. I think his presidency, should he get to that point, would put America at risk. I fundamentally believe that. And so my conscience can be clear only if I have been clear on this matter. That is that I reject trump and I’m encouraging other Republicans to do the same today."
MITCHELL: "What do you think is going to happen in Virginia voting today?"
RIGELL: "Well, I think the momentum is clearly with the Rubio campaign and in full candor, I’m a strong advocate for Marco, I love how he goes about broadening our party. I think he’s got the temperament and the approach I have used in second congressional district I don’t use Democrats as the enemy, I look at them as prospects. I think we will love them into the family. That is not weakness, but the approach that trump has taken I really can’t see him, even if he does get the nomination, I can’t see him prevailing in November. If he did, I think it truly would be just the most awful course that we could take as a country. So I’m doing everything I can from Virginia too to help get our party back on the right track."
MITCHELL: "So if he is the nominee, would you support him?"
RIGELL: " No, I have been very clear about. That I would not."
MITCHELL: "What should other Republicans do? There are a lot of Senate Republicans up for re-election, any one of them who are in near panic?"
RIGELL: "I say trust the American people. Make your case to the American people. They will respond. You won’t get everybody. I’ve learned to live with that. Will you have some pushback. But if you vote your conscience, if you talk to the district. If you are accessible to the district and you layout why you are doing what you are doing, I am convinced people will be with us. It is a defining moment and election for Republicans and if we’re going to win the hearts and minds and ultimately a diverse America, we got to go in the direction of like team Rubio and reject the bully approach of the Donald trumps he’s not equipped to be president of the United States and any respect, I can’t support him. My conscience will not allow that."

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