Jeff Weaver: If Dems Want to Beat Trump, ‘They Should Be Supporting Bernie Today’

‘Senator Sanders beats all of the Republicans by more than Secretary Clinton, in fact she loses to two of the top three Republican contenders’


KORNACKI: “For more on how the sanders team plans to move forward Jeff Weaver joins me. Jeff, thanks for taking a few minutes. You are the campaign manager, the big day is here, we’ve got nearly a dozen states on the board. I will let you set the bar for your campaign. What do you need to do to say today is a win?”
WEAVER: “Well, look, you know, we’ve got to rack up the delegates we need to win the convention. That’s what this is all about. The early part of the campaign know, there’s 11 states today, after today only 15 states out of 50 will have voted. We still have 35 more, the District of Columbia and some territories as well as — finished voting. This campaign has a long way to go and it’s all about accumulating delegates to you can get to that number you need to be nominated.”
KORNACKI: “The other issue when you mention delegates, super delegates, we hear that term a lot, these are the elected officials, party leaders they get automatic votes at the convention, you don’t win super delegates in primary, super delegates are a separate thing. Hillary Clinton has this huge advantage with super gel gats, 428 to 21. These are not etched in stone, they can change their mind and switch campaigns, but to make them do that, to overcome that deficit you guys have to put some real wins on the board in statt maybe are going to surprise people. Where are you going to surprise people?”
WEAVER: “Well, it’s not just about surprising people, Steve. Again, like I said this is a long process. The calendar does favor the secretary, she is very strong in the south, no doubt about that, but, you know, after today almost all the southern states will have voted. And then, you know, we have the rest of the country. So this is one big country, a lot of states and, you know, so today we’re going to wrack up as many as we can and continue to wrack up. I want to make this point there is, Steve, to the people watching because I think the new CNN poll bears this out. Today is the day an opportunity for people to vote with their head and heart. The new polling out today shows what every other poll has showed recently which is Senator Sanders beats all of the Republicans by more than Secretary Clinton, in fact, she loses to two of the top three Republican contenders. So if Democrats want to win in November, if they want to make sure they beat Donald Trump or beat Rubio or beat Cruz they should be supporting Ben today because he is the candidate best able to beat the Republicans in November.”

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