CNN: 20,000 Mass. Dems Have Left Party, Registered as Republicans, to Support Trump

‘16,000 of them or so have labeled themselves as independents, the other 3,000 or so are now part of the GOP ... as you called it, the Trump phenomenon’

"Good morning, Carol. That's right. About 20,000 Democrats have essentially left the party since January 1st. 16,000 of them or so have labeled themselves as independents. The other 3,000 or so, are now part of the GOP. As you called it, the Trump phenomenon. The belief is many of the voters because of the way that rules are set here in Massachusetts have switched to independents or Republicans in order to vote in the GOP primary. And potentially the reason for that is that they want to elect trump so he takes the Republican nomination. They see him as a more easily beatable adversary, perhaps, than Marco Rubio or Cruz, some of the other candidates on the Republican side. I can tell you here at this polling location, we've seen quite a few people coming in and out. There was a huge crowd about an hour ago when former president Bill Clinton was here. This is a big state for the Clinton campaign. Clinton is going from polling location to polling location throughout the day to try to boost the race for Hillary. This is a state where she is neck in neck with Bernie Sanders. They're both roughly at 46 percent support. It would be a huge victory for Hillary if she could win here, a state that is really more Bernie type territory. There's more than 75 percent of white voters here in Massachusetts. Bernie is not expected to do well in southern states that are more diverse. South Carolina comes to mind where Hillary trounced him essentially. Hillary is expected to do well in other southern states today. The SCC primary as it is called.  But if he can win here, it'll be a big blow to Bernie Sanders. We will keep our eyes on the field and see how it goes. Carol."

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