Giuliani: ‘Obviously’ Trump ‘Got Confused on His Answer’ on the KKK

‘Trump is not a racist’

EARHARDT: "He's going after Trump in different ways too. not only with, you know, the spray tan remarks. He went after him about the Mussolini comment, about some more serious things --"

KILMEADE: "David Duke--"

GIULIANI: "The David Duke comment is totally ridiculous."

KILMEADE: "In what aspect?"

GIULIANI: "I don't know. Obviously he got confused in his answer. Trump is not a racist. He's not in of the Ku Klux Klan. He has condemned David Duke. You could see he was confused when you watch that. that's one of silly season arguments. If there are objections to Trump it's not that he's a member of the KKK."

DOOCY: "All right. Rudy, thank you very much for joining us today."

KILMADE: "Take care."

EARHARDT: "People are yelling out on the street. They're wanting you to run for president. No chance you're getting in, right?

GIULIANI: "No chance. I'm not jumping in."

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