Ingraham: Trump Neutered Bill Clinton When the Clintons Went After Him

‘She’s going to do identity politics, I don’t think that works as well against Trump as people might think’

DOOCY: “Laura, it does look as if the Democrats in the form of Hillary Clinton, they are already looking ahead to the nominee on the Republican side.”
INGRAHAM: “Absolutely.”
DOOCY: “And they think it’s Trump. And on the front page of ‘The New York Times’ today, is Hillary’s — well, it was a secret, her five-point plan to defeat him. First of all, turn women against him — here’s a story right here —“
DOOCY: “— say that Trump is a lose candidate, can’t win. Hillary is not going to do the dirty work, her husband is going to do the dirty work and they hope that Trump will say crazy things to turn the electorate against him.”
INGRAHAM: “Well, they thought that everything that Trump said was going to kill him off in August. And I think Hillary is playing a very conventional strategy against Trump in the future. She’s going to — he’s going to do identity politics. I don’t think that works as well against Trump as people might think. And also, we saw what happened when they came after Trump. Suddenly, we saw Trump neutering, excuse the expression, Bill Clinton on the trail. So, if they want a bar brawl with somebody, they’re going to go get it with Donald Trump. And we know the establishment doesn’t do very well against the Clintons. They couldn’t beat Hillary in the Senate in New York and they couldn’t beat Bill — Bill Clinton beat obviously George H.W. Bush in ‘92.”
KILMEADE: “Yeah, I like to add that they say they were tried to dismiss Trump and they can’t wait to take on Trump. Axelrod has come off that and so is Bill Clinton. He says you guys cannot dismiss him. Here is one of the quotes, ‘Hillary Clinton has built a large tanker ship and she’s about to confront the Somali pirates.’ That from a Matthew Dowd, a Republican strategist.”
DOOCY: “Send in Tom Hanks!” (Laughter)
INGRAHAM: “Yes, yeah. So, now Trump is a Somali pirate. One thing I want everyone listening and watching ‘Fox & Friends’ to understand: A lot of these hits on Trump, and some of them he’s invite it I understand, but a lot of the hits on Trump today, most of them, are not policy related other than maybe the — “
DOOCY: “Great point. Great.”
INGRAHAM: “— you know, Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. Trade and immigration — those two issues are wedge issues across the working class. They do not want to debate trade and immigration with him, or the economy. I think on those three issues, he dominates but he’s got to dig into the specifics.”
DOOCY: “Great point.”
KILMEADE: “Right.”
INGRAHAM: “He’s got to get off of the — you know, the one liners and all that. He’s got to go into the specifics —“
KILMEADE: “Well maybe he is listening —“
INGRAHAM: “— of what the establishment has done.”
KILMEADE: “He might be listening to you right now. He’ll be joining us in 30 minutes. Laura Ingraham, always great to talk to you.”
EARHARDT: “Thank you Laura. Good to see you this morning.”

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