Kudlow: ‘If Donald Trump Is the Guy, I Have No Problem with That’

‘GOP needs renovation, it needs re-invigoration and if Donald Trump is the guy, fine, I have no problem with that’

KORNACKI: "What does it mean about where the Republican party is? If it decides -- you have the national review, one of the leading conservative publications --"
KUDLOW: "My magazine, I love them to death."
KORNACKI: "They put out a special issue against Donald Trump. Does this say something about conservatism changing, about the reap party changing? Trump is saying I'm going a new Republican Party. What is trump's Republican Party."
KUDLOW: "I think he is. I think he wants to change the gone, I interviewed him in man chest, New Hampshire, a couple weeks ago, I asked him directly because he was out on the campaign trail bark big oil, bark big far mass, bark big insurance companies saying those money interests control the Republican party and it has to stop. They don't have any interest in main street, middle class, lower middle class people. I think he's right. You know, the point of trump and the whole gone should reckon with this, middle income wage earners have not had an increase in wages in 15 years. You can look at the statistics from the government. They're furious, they're beleaguered, they're angry. They're looking for someone to represent them and that turns out to be Donald Trump who has tapped into this anger. That means Republican party has to make a much closer look at that group of people and if trump is the guy, fine, I myself -- I mean, you know, I worked for Reagan on down. The GOP needs a shake up. We have lost a whole bunch of presidential elections that probably should have been won. That's part of trump's message and he looks like he's strong enough and tough enough to get it through. I don't agree with anything he says, I don't agree with anybody everything they say. I do like his tax cut plan particularly for business, I think it would help the middle class, but things he's saying now -- this is so important -- he's making a point in the primaries, that's what you do in the primaries, you make a point. As you move towards the election and if you are elected you're going to have to do business with a lot of different people and trump knows how to do that, he is a businessman for heavens sakes. Yes, it's going to be a different GOP, it's going to have different powerful constituents you're absolutely right. You me I am a old Reagan supplier, the GOP needs renovation, it needs re-invigoration and if Donald Trump is the guy, fine, I have no problem with that."

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