Rubio: A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Hillary

‘I don’t know if America has four more years’

Rubio: A Vote For Trump Is A Vote for Hillary (RealClearPolitics)

On the campaign trail Monday, presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio warned if Donald Trump is the Republican party's nominee then Hillary Clinton will be the next president. Rubio said a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Rubio was flanked by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) at a campaign event at the InterContinental Hotel in Atlanta. Haley endorsed Rubio prior to South Carolina's Republican primary.

Rubio also likened Trump to the man a woman marries to upset her father. Rubio warned Trump voters if you marry Trump, you can't get divorced for four years.

"This is like someone who marries their parents hate just to get back at their parents, and I said, yeah, but the difference is, you get married to this guy, you can't get divorced for four years. You got live with him for four years," Rubio said.

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