Kudlow on Romney, Rove Battling Trump: ‘What Do You Think You’re Doing?’

‘They would be better off going after Hillary Clinton if you ask me’

"Look, Mitt Romney is a fine person, okay, politically he is a unique, he has no power inside the Republican power, he is trying to get donors to put up $100 million to hit the airwaves against Donald Trump. A, he won't be able to do it, B, he will have no impact whatsoever. They would be better off going after Hillary Clinton if you ask me. Karl rove same thing. Karl, what do you think you're doing here? Christine Todd Whitman, I love her, Steve Forbes and I helped elect her. What I'm saying is none of this matters. If trump gets the nomination he will have the nomination and he will have 99.9 percent of the Republican Party behind him. That's simple, end of sense."

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