Dickerson: GOP Considering Running Paul Ryan in a 3rd Party to Stop Trump

‘Somebody mentioned Paul Ryan, he seems to be default choice in Republican politics, if you’ve got a problem go to Ryan and get him to solve it’


O’DONNELL: “If trump has a great night tonight and Hillary Clinton does as well, does it increase the chances that we’ll see Mike Bloomberg or Mitt Romney or someone else enter.”
DICKERSON: “I think the second option is more likely. The people I’m talking to are trying to stop trump. They’re talking about running a third party republican. Like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. He seems to be the default choice.”
ROSE: “Is it possible Donald trump has appealed to Reagan Democrats?”
DICKERSON: “Well, the Reagan Democrats who are now firmly in the Republican Party, he does. It depends, the in Massachusetts you have to be rap already. Reagan picked up votes in 1976 and that’s where it all started. Ily were some.”
ROSE: “Who are kind o a populist.”
NOONAN: “I beg your pardon. We’re going to know the answer to that question from turnout. Turnout tonight is expected to be huge on the Republican side. Is that affecting them or Democrats joining in and are they actually generations past? We’re talking about the grandchildren of the Reagan Democrats.”
ROSE: “Thank you, Peggy.”

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