Lupica: Donald Not Running as a Republican; ‘He’s Running from the Party of Trump’

‘I wasn’t aware that in presidential politics you could use the dog ate my earpiece defense’

ROSE: “Mike Lupica, [indecipherable] a columnist for the New York Daily News is covering the 2016 race. Mike, good morning, welcome back.”
LUPICA: “Good morning.” (Laughter)
ROSE: “When you look at what’s happening within the Republican party, it is splitting apart in front of our very own eyes.”
LUPICA: “I don’t think he’s running as a Republican. I think he is running from the party of Trump. But I — I wasn’t aware that in presidential politics, Charlie, you could use ‘the dog ate my ear piece’ defense when you said something.” (Laughter)
ROSE: “Yeah, that’s it.”
LUPICA: “And how about this word ‘disavow’. Disavow, it’s sounds like some sub language. No, I find him repugnant. He got asked three times the other day. And to — I wish I — every time I said something stupid on television could just blame it on the ear piece.”

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