Chuck Todd: ‘Trump Will Win Every State but Texas’

‘To me, it’s really a battle for second’

SCARBOROUGH: "Chuck Todd, what are you looking for tonight?"
TODD: "I’m looking to see — look, I think Trump will win every state but Texas. If he doesn’t that would be a surprise. I’m curious if Ted Cruz can win more than just Texas. Does he have a shot of being able to say, hey, look at me, I’ve at least won three states. Iowa, Texas and, say, does he sneak an Oklahoma or does he win the Alaska caucuses before the end of the night. I’m curious. So to me it’s really a battle for second. Is there any separation between Rubio and Cruz tonight in delegates. If there is, does the third place guy feel the pressure to get out and make the last stand in — for the 8th and 15th.
SCARBOROUGH: "After tonight Marco will have lost how many?"
TODD: "15 -- 16."
SCARBOROUGH: "He’ll be 0 for 16."
TODD: "And that's not the place to be. "
SCARBOROUGH: "And yet — and yet, even three, four days ago the Republican establishment — you talk about blind! They were still marching in a lockstep."
TODD: "They’re not blind. I understand why they’re there. They don’t think Cruz can beat her either."

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