Scott Brown: Jeff Sessions ‘a Very, Very Big Endorsement’ for Donald

‘To have Jeff Sessions come out is really big’

HEMMER: “You were one of the first to endorse him, right? And now, you’ve got Chris Christie —“
BROWN: “I was the — I was the first, yeah.” [crosstalk]
HEMMER: “— Senator Sessions over the weekend. And Chris Christie and Senator Sessions are not necessarily two people you would put in the same group. What did they do for his candidacy this week?”
BROWN: “Well obviously, I thought the Chris Christie endorsement was huge. It was at a time when Marco and Ted were coming at him pretty hard. And basically Chris who — they battled recognizes that — hey listen, after it’s all said and done, we are Republicans and we have to work together. And I think that message is really critical. And to have Jeff Sessions come out is really big. Because, number one, Jeff doesn’t endorse people. But when it comes to the border security issues and dealing with ISIS and those threats, Jeff Sessions is so similar to him. Jeff and I were in lock step on those issues when I was there. And it’s a very, very big endorsement, especially in Alabama or in the [SEC] states.”

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