David Axelrod Admits He Is Concerned About the Enthusiasm Gap

‘It is not an uncommon problem for a party trying to hold the White House for a third term’


BERMAN: “Turnout slipping this all the early contests. So should Democrats be worried? David Axelrod is senior political commentator. David, every single state republican turnout is way up in some cases, democratic turnout is way down in some cases. And in the new poll when we asked about enthusiasm, p republicans essentially say yes, 58 percent. Democrats 46 percent say yes. How big of a problem is this for the Democrats?”

AXELROD: “Well, i think it's a concern for Democrats. It is not an uncommon problem for a party trying it to hold the White House for a third term to run into these enthusiasm issues. And that's been the case throughout history. That’s why the last time some party has done it was 1988. But this election is different because it's increasingly apparent that Donald Trump could become the republican nominee and while he creates great enthusiasm among his supporters, i think he also has the potential to create great enthusiasm among democrats who are eager to stop him from becoming president. So he could end up being a gift, though i think one that democrats will eye warily because he's defied all expectations so far.”

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